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Does PetPPO charge to be a PetPPO Provider?

No.  There are no establishment fees, no monthly fees, no annual fees, and no advertising fees.  There are absolutely no fees charged to the PetPPO Provider.


Will PetPPO limit the number of PetPPO Providers in my area?

Yes. PetPPO will only accept a limited number of PetPPO Providers for each trade area, which may be based on population density.  PetPPO will not typically accept a request to be a provider if that service is already being offered by a PetPPOProvider in the defined market area.  We cannot, however, restrict a PetPPO Provider’s right to relocate or to add locations; benefits of being a PetPPO Provider are extended to the PetPPO Provider’s company and not to a specific location.  


Can a PetPPOProvider expect a large number of new customers?

Yes. PetPPO will utilize a variety of marketing methods in an effort to thoroughly target specific trade areas.  The discounted services offered by PetPPOProviders coupled with the affordable subscription fee are expected to draw a significant number of new customers for PetPPO Providers. 


Does a PetPPO Provider have specific obligations?

Yes. In order to participate as a PetPPO Provider you are required to extend the discounts noted on the Schedule of Discounts to PetPPO Members with an active membership.  


Does a PetPPOProvider have to discount already on-sale items?

NoPetPPO Providers are not required to apply discounts to already on sale items.  The required discounts are applied to the regularly advertised price and the PetPPO Member is to receive the lower of the sale price or the discounted PetPPO Member price.  


Is a PetPPO Provider limited to what they can charge their customers?

NoPetPPO does not fix pricing; you determine the regular price to charge for your services and offer PetPPO Members the agreed upon discount.  You cannot, however, increase base price charges to PetPPO Members.


Is a PetPPO Provider required to validate a PetPPO Member’s membership?

Yes.  In order for a PetPPO Member to obtain the stated discount they are required to show either a valid PetPPO Membership Card for the pet receiving care or a printed PetPPO validation page that contains a special copy-proof character referencing an active membership for the pet receiving care. PetPPOProviders can easily validate a PetPPO Member status via the PetPPO website.

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