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Costs of advertising in a newspaper, radio or direct mail could cost thousands of dollars and yield few results, making advertising risky and uncertain.  However, as a PetPPO Provider you will benefit from the constant marketing from both PetPPO Corporate efforts as well as those efforts employed by our local area PetPPO Distributor.  What is advertising like that worth to you?  Probably hundreds or even thousands per month, though we ask you to contribute nothing!  All we ask is that you offer validly existing PetPPO Members the discounts which have been carefully formulated by experienced providers offering similar services for more than thirty years! 

PetPPO Providers pay no establishment fees, no monthly fees, no annual fees, and no advertising fees.  There are absolutely no out-of-pocket costs; the financial risk to the PetPPO Provider is zero.  PetPPO Providers have everything to gain and nothing to lose!

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