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How much can a PetPPO Distributor earn?

The PetPPO Distributor will earn a percentage of all subscription fees collected from within their territory, whether purchased from a retailer, internet, email or website.  While you are expected to make a good income from basic retail and digital marketing, we believe that even more aggressive marketing techniques will yield even greater success.

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How is PetPPO marketed?

PetPPO Distributors are expected to proactively and thoroughly market the PetPPO product throughout their territory.  Marketing can be conducted using various methods, including point-of-sale countertop advertising cards, door-knob flyers, tabletop marketing in high traffic areas, co-marketing with local charitable and non-profit organizations, select placement of newspaper and internet classified advertising, direct mail, special pet related events and opt-in internet email marketing and referral programs. 



Are PetPPO Distribution rights exclusive?

Yes.  PetPPO will only offer distribution rights to a city or territory on an exclusive basis.  PetPPO Distributors are expected to dedicate full time to the development of their territory.  Thereafter, the responsibilities of maintaining the territory are typically part-time depending on the desired level of success.



How much does it cost to become a PetPPO Distributor?

At the present time PetPPO is waiving all fees related to acquiring an exclusive distributorship.


Can I lose my PetPPO Distribution Rights?

PetPPO relies on the proactive nature of a PetPPO Distributors and therefore unacceptable maintenance or sales may subject the PetPPO Distributor to revocation of their distribution rights.  However, PetPPO Distributors that demonstrate a commitment to success are protected from revocation.



Does being a PetPPO Distributor require a lot of time? 

As a PetPPO Distributor you can expect a low stress and low time consuming business.  PetPPO Distributors spend their time in the first two to three months researching their market and developing their infrastructure of PetPPO Providers.  Thereafter, the requirements involve the occasional visit to retail locations to refill point-of-sale countertop displays, working with charitable organizations and associations, and attending various local events and festivals.  



What are the requirements to becoming a PetPPO Distributor?

In addition to purchasing the agreed upon marketing materials, PetPPO Distributors must demonstrate a desire to succeed, love pets and enjoy interacting with the people in their community.  



What assistance can a PetPPO Distributor expect?

PetPPO will provide its PetPPO Distributors with the guidance and materials necessary to succeed.  In addition to personal guidance, PetPPO will provide PetPPO Distributors with an operating and marketing guide, pre-approved and pre-tested advertising copy, marketing materials, and the promotional materials necessary to develop PetPPO Providers and retailers in their area.  



How and when do PetPPO Distributors get paid?

PetPPO Distributors earn a high fixed percentage of the net subscription fee revenue received by PetPPO.   PetPPO Distributors are paid via direct deposit on a monthly basis.

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