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PetPPO currently offers exclusive distribution opportunities to qualified applicants in areas that have not yet been developed.  The PetPPO program is turn-key; PetPPO Corporate provides the PetPPO Distributor with the all of the tools necessary to succeed in a fun and friendly business.  As a PetPPO Distributor you will manage your own business, working with people and pet-related businesses and organizations.  Our PetPPO Distributors typical spend the first 30 to 90 days developing an infrastructure of PetPPO Providers, thereafter; the career involves developing, stocking and re-stocking point-of-sale advertising cards at retail locations, socializing with pet owners at charitable organizations, business associations, pet organizations and various pet-related or local events.  PetPPO Distributors are encouraged to employ their own creative marketing techniques, such as managing sales representatives and/or engaging in telephone sales and other proactive selling, but PetPPO Distributors are not required to employ these methods.

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