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Schedule of Discounts

The discount schedule for veterinary care was created through collaboration between veterinarians, financial analysts, and marketing professionals.  This schedule enables PetPPO to promote a message that will attract subscribers to the program, which translates into new customers for our affiliated veterinarians.  By not having to pay an exam fee, pet owners are more likely to visit their veterinarian when they suspect that their pet may be ill.  Other than the veterinarian’s time, there are no costs associated with the exam that are not already being paid, and because veterinarians are only required to provide at least a 10% discount, these new customers will increase revenue and profitability.

The discount schedule for other providers was created through collaboration with provider in each respective industry.

The discounts represented in the Schedule of Discounts are the minimums required to be offered to PetPPO subscribers. Provider are able to increase the discount for primary services, list and provide discounts on additional services, offer specials and/or voluntarily increase the discount on any service.

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